The central focus, of Change in Action, is in promoting personal effectiveness in interpersonal and communication skills for individuals and teams, groups and organisations. Creativity and spontaneity underpin the work delivered.
As an experienced group facilitator and psychotherapist, I have been using Morenian Action Methods in my work for over 20 years both in psychotherapy, and, in the design and delivery of courses and workshops for staff and management groups across the business, community, education and voluntary sectors. My expertise lies in facilitating personal and professional change and development, using these methods. These are a series of techniques that are effective in:

  • facilitating shifts in perception,
  • developing adaptability,
  • enhancing skills of communication.

What are Morenian Action Methods?

Action Methods is a term given to a series of techniques devised by JL Moreno (1892-1975). A Romanian born doctor, Moreno’s passion was to find ways of communicating more effectively so that people’s daily living could be enhanced. He found creativity and spontaneity to be two of our most important resources. If we can develop these resources we can meet old problems in a new way and new problems in a more adaptive fashion.
Moreno used these methods both in a therapeutic context (Psychodrama) and a non-therapeutic context (Sociodrama). The application of these methods is wide and they offer real potential for personal change and development.

Why use Morenian Action Methods?

  • To move from verbal representation to motor representation.
  • To make things concrete i.e. explicit.
  • When issues are seen it helps to clarify what can often get lost in misinterpretation using verbal means only.
  • Moving into action promotes energy, which can fuel creative ideas for finding solutions new developments.
  • When we ‘do’ we understand.
  • Through action we can experience the impact of proximity and distance.
  • Skills experienced through action in one setting are likely to be transferred to another setting.

How and where have I used them?

In both individual and group psychotherapy and short-term counselling.
In facilitating workshops and courses including:

  • Team development/Managing Change/Effective Communication/Maintaining Professional Boundaries
  • Promoting Interpersonal Skills/Dealing with workplace stress/Dealing with verbal violence in the workplace
  • Managing Challenging Conversations/Assertiveness in the workplace/Managing people problems in the workplace.

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